Electrical Solutions

Established in 1997 as an electrical contracting business, Pindari has continued to diversify its client base from Blue Chip Mining to Tier 1 Construction and Oil & Gas servicing their commercial, industrial, mining and residential needs.

Specialising in supply, installation and maintenance Pindari source and supply the most reliable brands and quality components on the market. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, our electrical team is dedicated to providing the highest quality electrical service, safely and cost effectively.

Tailored to the industrial sector with a strong focus on mining and construction Pindari offers proven capabilities in accommodation installation and maintenance, small construction projects, refurbishment programs, building and minor works packages and facilities maintenance.

Pindari's multiple nominations in the Rio Tinto Iron Ore Suppliers Recognition Programme (2011 Finalist, 2012 Winner and 2013 Runner Up) is testament to our dedication to safety, sustainability, innovation and performance. SRP is an invitation only award program that recognises Rio Tinto contractors that exceed expectations in all these areas.

Example Commercial Experience $100K to $2.5M

  • RTIO, Doric, Downer Hope Downs 4 – Village complexing, rectification, certification and E&I plant construction
  • Test & Tag RTIO Brockman 4, Yandi, Hope Downs
  • Yandi Sustaining Project Civmec – Portable building connections, temp power, generators, test & tag


Prequalification Experience

  • Rio Tinto Category 3
  • BHP Minor Works Panel
  • Woodside Energy
  • Transfield Housing Maintenance

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Pindari delivered the scope of works on time, on budget and incident free.

"I would like to thank David and his team from Pindari for the recent works they undertook at the Wickham Town oval. The scope of work was to make operational the redundant GPO's situated on each lighting pole as well as adjust and repair the globes that have not been operational for some time.

It was discovered that 2 of the oval light fittings were faulty, with the help and assistance of Nigel and his team from Utilities we were able to source 2 replacement fittings from old unused spares which Utilities had in storage. The discovery of the faulty fittings was on a Saturday and we had not anticipated their replacement. Pindari instinctively ground tested the new fittings and once they were found to be suitable installed them on the same day.

This initiative saved the business valuable time and money as the need to demobilise and mobilise while waiting for replacement fittings was avoided. We also avoided additional labour and materials cost. Pindari delivered the scope of works on time, on budget and incident free. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Pindari for their professionalism and expertise during these works."

Sheryl Thackray
Town Services Coordinator
Accommodation & Facilities Services - Coastal
Wickham | Rio Tinto

Licences and Registrations

  • (Co. Electrical Licence) Pindari WA Pty Ltd EC6295
  • Co. Refrigerant Trading Authorisation AU34924



Regional Office: POINT SAMSON WA

P: +61 8 9759 1977

F: +61 8 9759 1820

Email: info@pindariwa.com

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