Pindari at Work

Pindari WA Pty Ltd (Pindari) is a Pilbara Aboriginal Business and member of Pilbara Aboriginal Contractors Association (PACA) currently operating three core business units providing various levels of services across four Rio Tinto East Pilbara sites; West Angelas, Hope Downs, Yandicoogina and Brockman 4.

The primary services provided by Pindari are tailored to the industrial sector with a strong focus on mining and construction. Pindari has steadily grown its workforce from a handful of backfill labour hire trades in 2008 to 33 qualified tradespeople in 2011.

While developing our workforce we have maintained no less than a 30% representation of Aboriginal Tradespeople and Trade Assistants in jobs.

Pindari has had up to 40% Aboriginal employment representation with a steady take up by Rio Tinto into full time positions with zero lost time injuries.


Pindari at Work



Regional Office: POINT SAMSON WA

P: +61 8 9759 1977

F: +61 8 9759 1820


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