Maintenance Solutions

Pindari WA is a multi-disciplined Pilbara Aboriginal Business licensed to carry out building, electrical and facilities maintenance services in towns and remote sites specialising in minor works, refurbishments, compliance and operational site services for Rio Tinto, BHPBIO and Woodside.

Pindari’s Management Team offers a comprehensive range of experience in Strategic Asset Management and Maintenance Services to the Resource Sector including:

  • 30 Years Combined Building and Facilities Management
  • 30 Years Electrical Asset Management & Maintenance
  • 10 Years Grounds Maintenance & Operational Site Services
  • 10 Years Plumbing and Mine Site Village Maintenance

Pindari is equipped in all facets of maintenance including compliance testing, industrial cleaning and site services, carpentry, floor covering, tiling, plumbing, electrical, roofing, air-conditioning, refrigeration, glazing, concreting, painting, landscaping and grounds maintenance.

Facilities Maintenance and Site Services include:

  • Mine site village and housing refurbishment programs
  • Scheduled and reactive maintenance for multi-location properties
  • Monitor high volume, work order based system with audits and quality assurance
  • Prepare capital and maintenance budgets, identifying future capital works and major maintenance items
  • Develop and review policies, procedures and asset registers relating to Client facilities and asset management
  • Plan work schedules, preventative maintenance programs, monitor expenditure and delivery targets
  • Day-to-day facilities and village maintenance accommodation, site buildings, plant, air conditioning, electrical equipment and systems, water supply and sewerage installations
  • Industrial Cleaning including dry, wet, and deep cleans, mould prevention cleans and strip/seal floor surface management. Crib/consumable restocking services
  • Grounds maintenance and gardening services including village landscape design and enhancements, irrigation, weed and pest control
  • Audit existing infrastructure, develop solutions for planned maintenance for forward budgets
  • Create training, career path and employment opportunities for local Aboriginal people

Our aim is to become a valued member of our clients' maintenance management teams. By providing services with a strong Indigenous and competitive edge, we seek to form a long term partnership in daily operations and asset improvements. Pindari can demonstrate the essential knowledge required to effectively perform facilities maintenance, site services and refurbishment work, manage tasks and contingencies in the context of the identified scope of work.

  • Ability to self-execute the works – no margins on margins
  • Competence to operate a call centre, admin and workshop to efficiently manage reactive and emergency maintenance
  • Experience in quoting and delivering minor works, maintenance and refurbishment to residential buildings and facilities in towns and mine sites
  • Capacity to increase admin staff and workforce to meet the volume of work – including experienced facilities and maintenance managers, programmers, skilled electricians, plumbers, refrigeration technicians, carpenters, painters, tilers, floor layers, gardeners and cleaners

Primary Clients

  • Rio Tinto – Umbrella Supply Contracts:
    • Supply of Electrical Services
    • Provision of Minor Works
    • Cleaning, Grounds Maintenance and Associated Services
  • BHPBIO - Panel Vendor with Capital Delivery Projects (Minor Works Services)
  • Woodside Energy – Offshore Electrical Inspection and Maintenance Services

Pindari has given Yandi 28 months of safe, incident free work practises...

"...It has been an absolute pleasure overseeing such a meticulous team. Your men have represented your company well.
Pindari has given Yandi 28 months of safe, incident free work practises and 194 refurbished rooms. The men's presence at Yandi will be sorely missed. Both for their skills as well as their characters and integrity."

Richie Paddick
Former Project Supervisor | Mine Services Yandicoogina | Rio Tinto

Licences and Registrations

  • (Co. Builders Registration) Pindari WA Pty Ltd 13703 Nom. Supervisor BD Guscott S1395
  • (Co. Electrical Licence) Pindari WA Pty Ltd EC6295
  • Co. Refrigerant Trading Authorisation AU34924



Regional Office: POINT SAMSON WA

P: +61 8 9759 1977

F: +61 8 9759 1820


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