Values of integrity, accuracy, reliability and accountability are critical for the success and implementation of our Quality 'agenda' and a culture of continuous improvement.

As a result, Pindari demonstrates maximum credibility and transparency in our business activities and produces independent, rigorous controls resulting in high quality outcomes.

Our Quality Framework is underpinned by a set of values that provides a frame of reference that guides and supports all our operations. Pindari WA is committed to ISO 9001 certification. This is proof of our commitment to robust systems and processes, rigorous policies and procedures, ongoing monitoring, management and achievement of quality outcomes in relation to business practices and professional standards.

Our service to varied industries and Clients is met with credibility and a complete professional ideal. Our Quality Management System ensures quality in everything we do and the achievement of our strategic goals and objectives.

Pindari Quality Objectives

Creating and monitoring quality and our KPIs is a fundamental part of our disciplined business strategy. Our objectives include but are not limited to:

  • Completion of all work to the highest of quality standards as agreed with the customer.
  • Supply of staff under labour hire agreements that are verified as suitably qualified and experienced in accordance with customer requirements.
  • To remain a sustainable business in the long term through the creation of mutually beneficial relationships with key customers, staff and suppliers.

Key indicators for all projects are developed in line with the scope of works and client requirements. As quality objectives are achieved, new goals and targets will be set to promote our culture of Continuous Improvement.



Regional Office: POINT SAMSON WA

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Email: info@pindariwa.com

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