An important aspect of Pindari's business development is client focus; ensuring that our services are valued and relevant to current and potential clients. Understanding our clients' values and aspirations is a core business practice which puts the customer at the heart of our business.

As an evolving business in an industry where environmental and corporate responsibility is considered paramount, Pindari has developed its operations in a social, cultural, economic and environmental context.

Valuing community, employee and eco-friendly issues amongst our core values encourages us to actively look beyond the legislative requirements and endeavour to improve our green credentials through innovation while contributing in a meaningful way to the quality of our employees' lives.

We can demonstrate exceptional financial returns, strong growth and innovative strategies combined with excellent client relationships and long term planning. This is balanced by the flexibility to deliver consistent results in dynamic and challenging market conditions.

Key Success factors

  • Provision of high quality services through highly qualified people
  • Ease of customer engagement
  • Flexibility and responsiveness
  • Establishment of additional value adding services with a focus on simplifying customer interation and project engagement
  • Constantly seek to offer ongoing value add to the client through product and service
  • Significant emphasis on customer focus and cost efficiency
  • Cost effective supply



Regional Office: POINT SAMSON WA

P: +61 8 9759 1977

F: +61 8 9759 1820


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